Honeywell HVAC

ITT Controls also supplies products and components by Honeywell. This brand is a Fortune 100 company and operates in the market for oil, gas, refining, petrochemicals and biofuels. The Honeywell product range is very extensive and in virtually every application a solution can be provided.

Boiler Controls, burner Controls, air / fuel ratio systems, fire detectors, gas valves, dampers, hydronic controllers, various monitoring systems, testers, pre-mix gas fuel systems, lighting, pneumatic products, sensors, submeters, speed controllers and frequency converters are just a small selection of the vast range of products made by Honeywell.

Honeywell is leader in burner and boiler control components and systems. Products made by Honeywell can be found anywhere such as burners, boilers, furnaces, swimming pools and Jacuzzis. The products are used in devices that make use of natural gas, propane, oil, and electric energy and ensures the safe operation of heating and cooling devices. The Honeywell products range has the largest selection of components and parts in the HVAC industry.

ITT Controls advises, provides parts, repairs and does maintenance of products in the petrochemical and process industry. The strength of ITT Controls lies in the knowledge of the products. Also for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems ITT Controls is a solid partner for both large and small customers.

Ask for detailed advice from our sales department if you do not know exactly what product you need.

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